About KBG Group

Our uniqueness lies in our history!

KBG Group stands out as a prominent Manufacturer and Exporter specializing in HVAC Air Distribution Products, renowned for delivering seamless and cost-effective solutions. Our uniqueness lies in the fusion of flexibility and customer-centricity, allowing us to provide enhanced products and services that cater specifically to our clients’ needs.

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we have established close collaborations with various associated manufacturers and distributors. This strategic network enables us to offer a diverse range of quality products, building a robust presence across the country. We take pride in addressing our clients’ requirements through value engineering solutions. Quality is at the forefront of our operations, with an unwavering commitment to excellence. The trust bestowed upon us by our esteemed clients is the cornerstone of our business, and we strive to maintain and exceed their expectations.

KBG Group operates on an “end-to-end” model, facilitated by our experienced manpower, ensuring a comprehensive one-stop solution for our clients. Our dedication extends to continuous investment in the development of our products and services, fostering productive outcomes that contribute to the overall growth of the organization.

At KBG Group, we are not just manufacturers; we are partners in progress, committed to delivering excellence and innovation across the entire spectrum of our operations.

Our Core Values

“A company’s quality is directly proportional to its commitment to excellence, regardless of its field of endeavor.”


Enriching customer experience

As part of our commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience at KBG Group, our products and services are constantly being developed and refined in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Inclusive work culture

In the KBG Group, we are always concerned about maintaining a healthy work environment for our employees and authorities. For a positive working culture in the organization, we strive to promote and motivate our employees through various activities.

Providing Opportunities

As a company, the KBG Group has, had, and will continue to maintain its commitment to providing numerous opportunities for Indian manufacturers.

Our Mission

It has been the company’s philosophy to provide a one-stop solution to all of your project requirements, which enables it to continue to add value to each business we work with. Therefore, we are able to consistently provide quality services to our customers.

Our Vision

The company intends to be the most reliable and efficient in the future. This will create a healthy environment for clients around the world who can take advantage of the Indian market. In addition, it will assist Indian businesses in establishing their presence in global markets.

Our Brands

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